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AERJ is a partnership between hundreds of African-published journals... Africa Environmental Review is a publication of the School of Environmental Studies... The heart of the website lies in the "View Journal" page (you can also get there through the link called "View Journal" or "Current Issue" written in capital letter on home page). Being on home page you can also display the journals on AERJ alphabetically once we publish more, by subject category or by the country they are published from. This helps you find journals that can contain the research you want.
NB: If you are using a slow internet connection and in future the images in the alphabetical view are taking too long to download, click on "LIST ALL" at the end of the A-Z list near the top... this will show a simple list of titles without the journal cover images and text descriptions.
This LIST ALL view will also shows at a glance all the Africa environmenal Review journals that are part of AERJ, using the symbol of a green circle with an O and an A in it next to the Open Access (free full text) journal titles.